Our mission is to facilitate optimal access to data and technologies to solve development problems in resource-poor settings. We provide capacity building and tools for data collection and analysis through collaboration with governments, the private sector, and civil society.


  • Capacity Building
    There are different levels of knowledge, capacity, skills, and incentives required to utilize telecom data that depend on the goal and responsibility of the organizations involved in a given society. We will help narrow these gaps through capacity building, which will facilitate optimal access and use of mobile data in the long run.

  • Research and Practice
    We are working with local governments, mobile network operators, network authorities, and many stakeholders engaged in development practice across the globe. We contribute to improving social welfare through understanding the disadvantaged, complementing conventional statistics, and supporting efficient budget allocation through our works.

Telecom data analysis package – Mobipack

  • Standalone edition
    We are developing open-source software to analyze telecom data by drawing on our experiences. The software includes tools for processing secondary data required for telecom data analysis. This edition is designed to help users understand the quantitative features of telecom data through descriptive statistics and visualization.
  • Hadoop edition
    We also provide Hadoop edition that accomodates massive size of data for processing.